Hijab Stylist

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About Me

I started wearing the hijab in 2006 and over the years I have always tried to be creative in the way I have worn it. As time went on people started asking me if I could style their hijab for them and that is how I started up my charity based business in my hometown of Manchester.

I wanted to create trendy hijab styles and funky hijab styles drawing inspiration from Arab, Turkish and Middle Eastern hijab styles. I managed to create many diverse looks in how to wear the hijab with modesty and fashion going together hand in hand.

I seek to provide a unique bespoke look to each clients desires, taking into consideration their outfit, colours, accessories and jewellery. Whether the client is looking for modern, traditional or a subtle hijab look I aim to please making sure their individual requirements are met.

Alhamdulillah ALL profits go to charity so I hope you will support my business to benefit others less fortunate inshaAllah!