Guide To Simple Styling

Guide To Simple Styling

Access Duration: 30 days


Duration: 1:01:44

Styles learnt: 6

Type: complete beginners/novices

This video tutorial is a complete A-Z of styling. 

If you have no experience of very little with styling hijabs then this is for you. There maybe many of you that have been wearing hijab for years but are not so confident when it comes to experimenting with different styles. Or some of you that are contemplating wearing a hijab but have no clue how or where to begin.

In this video you will learn about:

  • which pins to use
  • which fabrics are easy for styling
  • where to purchase pins/caps/scarves from
  • different undercap options and how to wear them
  • neck/chest coverage for every style to maintain modesty when styling
  • how to style a scarf with NO underscarf/cap
  • how to make your scarf secure so it doesn't move
  • haircare for hijabis
  • face shapes and symmetry
  • which styles suit your face shape
  • how to create volume with your scarf according to your face shape
  • how to wear a necklace/earrings
  • how to do minimal styling with a few pins
  • how to create a peak with your scarf
  • how to use a safety pin without snagging your scarf
  • how to stop your scarf from sliding back
Ismet Mahmud
March 3rd 2021

One of the best tutorials I have come across. The tips, tricks and styles are so easy to follow! The tutorials are clear and concise and I would definately recommend this to fellow hijabis no matter how long you have been wearing a hijab whether it be for years recent or are considering wearing one this is for u! Much love x

Syma Ahmad
April 24th 2021

I have been wanting to wear hijab for a while now but I was so unsure how to wear it without looking like my grandmother!! When Uzma released the online tutorials it was Allah (swt) answering my prayers!! I can’t tell you how pleased I was. Uzma goes through the a-z of hijab styling for beginners. It’s so simple and easy to follow. There are a good few styles from the really simple to more elaborate which you can wear to a party. The fact that you can access the tutorial for 30 days gives you time to go through each style with ease, with no rush and plenty of time to practice. Thank you Uzma for giving me the confidence to wear my hijab with style xx

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