Party Hijab Styling

Party Hijab Styling

Access Duration: 30 days



Duration: 42:05

Styles learnt: 3 

This video shows you how to use a tube cap and add volume. Use effective pinning techniques to ensure secure styling.

Pleated Zig Zag Style - you will learn:

  • This style is particularly suited to those with a rounded face shape.
  • The video teaches how to avoid making your face look wider with my tips and tricks.
  • How to tie a scarf with a safety pin without ruining the quality of the scarf or snagging.
  • How to create neat pleats with straight edges
  • Effectively pin a headpiece
  • How to create a style to suit your face shape

Beaded Chiffon Style - you will learn:

  • Embrace your face shape by creating softer layers 
  • Use a beaded or bordered scarf to create the perfect party look
  • Utilise all the edges to create a layered look

Two Layered Style - you will learn:

  • Use 2 scarves to create layers
  • Use excess material without your style looking too bulky
  • Set and pin beaded headpiece
  • Create perfect neat pleats in between layers with effective pinning
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